Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Reality With Biased Senses

When you are constantly sleepy yet conscious of your surroundings things tend to seem a little gray. It is like a mist, covering the true colors of that which should grace our eyes. Sadly enough, in all true reality we as a whole do not appreciate all the colors of life.
I was once told to absorb all life has with your five senses. To see life, to feel it, to savor it, listen to it, and to even smell it's mere essence. How though, is it possible when we all try to mold life as we want it and not as it really is? We chose to accept what life shows and throw away what we consider not ok. Imagine now how I perceive life! I can't embrace all of it because of my insomnia. We all have a biased opinion of life. So, then how do you define life? Obviously, everyone has their own definition. Yet, when was the last time you took a pause to consider such thing? When was the last time you looked around you and actually pondered how life is to you?

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